Dorset Accommodation

We have a great collection of accommodation in Dorset from cosy B&Bs where you can enjoy a full English in the morning to a complex of cottages or holiday parks where groups of friends and large families can spend a holiday together all in one place.

We have hotels for all occasions whether you need a corporate space, somewhere to get pampered for a girly weekend away, perfect wedding venues for your special day or country house hotels for outdoor pursuits and countryside tranquillity.


Dorset, with its Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, has many coastal cottages and properties overlooking the water and just a stone’s throw from the beach. Some of our holiday parks are so close to the beach that you can get up and head down to the sea for a sand castle building session before breakfast and a walk with the dog before afternoon tea. Dorset holidays can be just as you want them when you choose your ideal accommodation from our listings.

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